Hotel Double One


By Car: Zhongshan Highway (No.1) -> Exit Chongching N. Rd. -> Across Bailing bridge -> Turn left onto Chengde Rd. -> Continue to Chengde Rd. Sect. 7 -> Turn right onto Gongguan Rd. -> Turn right onto Wenchuang Rd. -> Turn right onto Youya Rd.

By MRT: Danshui line (Red) heading to Danshui -> Exit Beitou station -> Transit to Xinbeitou

From Xinbeitou Station to Hotel
By Bus: Route CITY BUS 2, S25 -> exit Hotel Double One
By Taxi: Directly exit at Hotel Double One, 5~7 mins, approx. NT$90
By Walk: Towards Zhongshan Rd., Turn right onto Guanming Rd. -> Youya Rd.